Our consulting service includes a comprehensive evaluation with you (and your team, if applicable) to help identify gaps and  opportunities.  We also offer a suite of courses and quality products to support your identified objectives. That’s how we ensure your success.


Artistology Online Academy

We offer online courses that specifically address and support the creative community. Courses are self-paced and accessible on mobile devices.

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Artistology Workshops & Experiences

Our workshops and experiences are designed to be practical, applicable and experiential. Offered in a collaborative setting to nurture and grow our like-minded supportive community.

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The Transformational Power of Sound and Music Book

Take a historical journey through sacred and healing sound and music practices from ancient and indigenous cultures around the world. Discover the latest remarkable practical applications—now proven by contemporary scientific research—for managing your mind, body, and spirit. 

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Innergy Tuner App

Tune in to your current innergy state (or mood) and prepare to be tuned up as your specific sonic prescription is formulated to raise your emotional state. The resonant frequencies of your prescription will tune you up and directly interact with your consciousness and biofield. Continue tuning up until you reach the desired emotional state. Tune in and tune up!

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